Christian Science Journal – Consistency in healing practice

Consistency In Healing PracticeDeWitt John wrote an article originally published in June 1982 that was recently shared again on the Christian Science Journal website titled, Consistency in healing practice. The article focuses on the consistencies seen through Christian Science and is worth a read:

One of the outstanding characteristics of Christian Science is its consistency—in metaphysical teachings, method of practice, and ethical standard. This consistency rests on unqualified acceptance of the omnipotence and goodness of God, divine Principle, as the only creator and source of man’s being.

To illustrate: If we start with the foundational truth that God, the creator of all that exists, is infinite Mind, this leads in Science to the logical conclusion that all that really is created is Mind’s manifestation, and hence divinely mental. And from the basic fact that the all-creating God is Spirit, not matter, flows the conclusion that all is in reality spiritual, not material…

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