Christian Science Practitioners

What is a Christian Science practitioner?

Seventh Church of Christ, Scientist, Houston

Christian Science practitioners provide spiritual treatment through prayer that results in healing. They are available full time to help anyone, anywhere, through prayer and to give Christian Science treatment for any of life’s challenges. They can also answer any questions you may have about spiritual healing.

What is a Christian Science treatment?

Treatment is based on the Bible and the principles explained in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, including the idea that there is one, all-good God, who loves and cares for each of us. It starts with the practitioner removing the patient’s fear and turning thought to God.

How much does a Christian Science practitioner charge?

Christian Science practitioners are professionals and do charge for the work they provide, but cost per treatment varies with the individual practitioner. So feel free to discuss payment before engaging their services.

How to find a practitioner?

If you want to learn more about prayer-based healing, you can contact a practitioner by phone or email, and many have offices where you can meet in person. Find a Christian Science practitioner in the Greater Houston Area:

Find a Christian Science Practitioner or Teacher

A list of Christian Science practitioners can also be found in The Christian Science Journal. You can search for professionals worldwide or enter your zip code at the location and find professionals in your area.