Reading Rooms


What is a Christian Science Reading Room?  

Christian Science Reading Rooms are bookstores open to anyone wanting to explore spirituality, prayer, and healing. They allow for discussion of in-depth spiritual topics and offer resources for personal growth, health, and spiritual discovery. 

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What is available in a Reading Room?

In a Reading Room you will find Bibles, Bible study aids, and all the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, including her seminal book on Christian healing: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. There are also musical CD’s, children’s books, and magazines containing uplifting articles and testimonies by people who have been healed through prayer.  The Christian Science Monitor, a Pulitzer-prize winning global news source, is also available.


Where can I find a nearby Reading Room?

All Christian Science churches have Reading Rooms. Some are located in their church buildings and others in locations throughout the city. Each Reading Room posts its own business hours, but you’ll find the same products and services at them all. Click here to find your nearest Reading Room.


History of Reading Rooms

The first Christian Science Reading Room was established in Boston, Massachusetts in 1888 to make available Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Today there are Reading Rooms worldwide. The first Reading Room in Houston opened in 1900 and was downtown on the corner of Travis and McKinney streets.