Broadcast Schedule – Internet and Telephone

Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson:

Listen anytime by phone: Call 713-595-5210  and press 1 for the Bible Lesson.

The Bible Lesson is composed of passages from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Each week, it provides an opportunity to search for spiritual truths within the confines of a particular topic.

The Christian Science Sentinel Watch:

Listen anytime by phone: 713-595-5210 and press 2 for Sentinel Watch

Does prayer heal? Listen each week as people from around the world answer this question by sharing their own healings – everything from sickness and injury to financial problems, unhappy relationships, and more are dealt with on this half-hour radio program. The ways are unlimited that the healing power and presence of the Christ activates, uplifts, and transforms lives.

Your Daily Lift: A 2-minute inspirational message for the day

Listen anytime by phone: 713-595-5210 and press 3 for Your Daily Lift

El Heraldo de la Christian Science

o llame por teléfono al: 713-595-5211

Los artículos y testimonios que publica El Heraldo demuestran cuánto ama Dios a cada uno en todo el mundo, cualesquiera sea su edad, sexo, origen y nacionalidad, y cómo este amor llega al corazón, trayendo consuelo y soluciones y curaciones corporales, a través de la aplicación de las prácticas enseñanzas del cristianismo.

The articles and testimonies published in the Heraldo demonstrate how much God loves everyone worldwide, whatever may be your age, sex, origin, or nationality, as this love reaches the heart, bringing solace and solutions, and bodily healings, through the application of the teachings and practices of Christianity.

Church Services: 

Seventh Church of Christ, Scientist, Houston.

Sunday services, 10:30am: or 713-496-2856
Wednesday Testimony Meetings, 7:30pm: or 713-496-2856.  Sermons are based on the Bible and Science and Health, and Wednesday meetings include testimonies of healing from the congregation.

Listen starting with the musical prelude before the service at approximately 10:22am Sundays and 7:23pm Wednesdays. provides the best sound.

To testify on Wednesday call 713-496-2856.

  • Our telephone service automatically mutes all callers, so press the star (*) key twice to un-mute yourself before speaking.
  • After testifying, please mute your phone again (an usher will mute those without mute buttons).

To listen to a recording of the previous Sunday or Wednesday service please go to

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