Christian Science Organization at University of Houston

Christian Science Organization at University of Houston

Christian Science College Organization at U-of-H Hosts Students of Other Faiths

The Christian Science Collage Organization at the University of Houston includes hosting students of other faiths in the CSO, along with regular meetings.

If you know of students who are attending UH or plan to attend this semester, please contact Kaye Patterson (281) 932-6645.

When: Every Tuesday and Wednesday 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.

Location:  Christian Science Org A.D. Bruce Religion Center on UH Campus, Room 105

Navigating college life can be demanding.

What would it take to rethink the way we SEE ourselves and others? Let’s explore this SEEING topic anytime on Wednesday and Thursday, 10 am-3pm. We are here to listen, pray, and offer a peaceful place for you to study, eat, and rest. Come use our printer, fridge, and microwave.

We are here for you. Come join us.

If you know of students who are attending UH or plan to attend this semester, please contact Kaye Patterson (281) 932-6645.


Fall 2023 – The Christian Science Organization at the University of Houston Hosts a Matthew Bible Study

Matthew organized his text into five discourses, mirroring the Torah :

  1. Matt 5:1 – 7:27 Sermon on the Mount/ethics—September 2023
  2. Matt 10: 1-42 Jesus’ charge to his disciples—November 1, 2023
  3. Matt 13:1 – 52 Parables of the Kingdom—November 8, 2023
  4. Matt 18:1 – 35 Teachings on apostleship/discipline—November 15, 2023
  5. Matt 23: 1 – 25:46 Teachings on end times/eschatology—November 29, 2024


First Week: Scholars talk about Matthew as the early church handbook, setting forth an orderly, systematic presentation of Jesus’ teachings on prayer, marriage, divorce, forgiveness, courage, etc. He understood Christ Jesus’ mission and identity, so clearly the prophesied Messiah as foretold by Hebrew giants like Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Micah. Author of Matthew and why first in the Gospels?

Second Week: This Messiah also comes with a Kingdom – launched at the Baptism when John too, hears God’s voice announcing Jesus as his beloved son.

Matthew then shifts our view: no longer are we one of those with only hope that a savior would come. The savior is here, so the focus is now the reign, power and supremacy of this savior. Lessons taught.

Third Week: Matthew tells us through every parable and healing of the reality of The Kingdom –the place where the Savior reigns, where Christ is King, where the government is God’s alone, where good always prevails. Lessons continue.

Fourth Week: Matthew tells us what is needed to receive it (receptivity); what it’s like to live there (the healings); and above all, what is required for membership— courage, willingness to withstand resistance, conflict and hatred; purity of heart; a commitment to put aside the measures of success defined by the world,; dependence on God for supply, community, family; and above all, love and more love. Guidelines for life.

Fifth Week: The rhythm of the stories, how they march toward the inevitable conclusion of the crucifixion, the hatred of the Pharisees, the turning away of the Israelites, the neutrality and capriciousness of the ‘crowds’ – all make me feel that if I didn’t know the conclusion, the story would surely make me an atheist – a skeptic convinced that ‘the good guy’ loses and evil prevails.

Sixth Week: Matthew puts it all within the framework of the “Kingdom of Satan” opposing Christ’s Kingdom. And the battle engulfs the whole world: you’re either FOR Christ, or against. One can’t stay neutral.

Seventh Week: Matthew’s point is that those disciples DID get it eventually, and never looked back; that Christ’s Kingdom prevails over Satan’s, regardless of the viciousness and longevity of the challenges. Those disciples’ let Jesus’ teachings wash over their hearts and minds and profoundly change the course of their lives.

Eighth Week: Summary and Conclusion of role models ’to fight the good fight’ found in Matthew. Workbook used to teach the class:  © 2013 Bible Roads |


The Christian Science Organization (CSO) at the University of Houston is a student-run group on campus. We work together to find a spiritual approach to all aspects of campus life through the practical teachings of The Holy Bible (from Genesis to Revelation) and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, the textbook of Christian Science.

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Room 105 in the AD Bruce Religion Center is open to study (school work, the Bible, and Christian Science writings), to grab a snack or something to drink and to hang out with other students. During meetings there is ample time to discuss how to apply a concept of God, divine Love, to your life. Generally, we have meetings once a week or times that accommodate students’ schedules.

There are opportunities to both attend and host inspiring talks on campus. We encourage activities such as movie nights, Sunday lunches, bowling, and pizza get-togethers at the CSO, and we are open to new ideas to reach out to the student body.

The main reason and purpose of the CSO is to prayerfully embrace the college campus through a church supported organization. For more information on what Christian Science is, take a look at:

We look forward to seeing you in Room 105 soon!

If you have any questions about the specifics of the University of Houston CSO please text or leave a message at 281-932-6645.

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