Divine Truth

Christian Science Journal – From post-truth to divine Truth

The Christian Science Journal website published an article this month by Mónica B. Esefer Passaglia titled, From post-truth to divine Truth: There’s a saying that a lie repeated a thousand times becomes truth. And studies show that people do tend to accept opinions and pseudo-facts as reliable information if they hear them often enough.  Special interest […]


Christian Science Sentinel – A new year and God-directed progress

The Christian Science Sentinel online posted an article by Inge Schmidt titled, A new year and God-directed progress: At the start of a new year, the promise of a fresh start is palpable. New goals and resolutions for an improved lifestyle take on a renewed impetus. The start of a new year seems to unite […]

Facing Division? Side With God!

Christian Science Sentinel – Facing division? Side with God!

The Christian Science Sentinel online posted an article by Barbara Vining titled, Facing division? Side with God!: Division, whether in a personal relationship or on a much larger scale, is unpleasant, to say the least. It is most often caused by the side-taking that arises (my side against yours) when we allow opinion and human reasoning […]

Emilio Garcia

Christian Science Monitor – Sports and an ‘incorruptible’ crown for all

An article was posted on the Christian Science Monitor website this month, under A Christian Science Perspective, by Alistair Budd titled, Sports and an ‘incorruptible’ crown for all. The article focuses on God’s influence on and off the field for athletes: In light of the upcoming men’s World Cup soccer tournament, a club soccer player […]

Gratitude: A Not To Be Missed Spiritual Feast

Christian Science Journal – Gratitude: A not-to-be-missed spiritual feast

Happy Dia De Los Muertos! The Christian Science Journal website published an article this month by Ruth Geyer titled, Gratitude: A not-to-be-missed spiritual feast: Expressing gratitude is a deeply nourishing practice that brings with it indescribable power. In America, my country, Thanksgiving is celebrated each November by expressing gratitude. Whether gathering with family or going solo—or […]

Albert Baker Fund Career Alliance Net Effect

Albert Baker Fund Career Alliance – Net Effect

The Albert Baker Fund Career Alliance website has officially posted their 50th, Net Effect Career Conversations and Connections video. Their next conversation will return this Friday, September 23, 2022 at 3:00 PST and the topic is, What Will Schools of the Future Look Like? To watch or listen to this video on https://abfcareeralliance.org, please click here.  […]

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Christian Science Sentinel – Seeing “none but the woman”

The Christian Science Sentinel Online posted an article yesterday by Barbara Fife titled, Seeing “none but the woman”: There’s a healing recorded in the eighth chapter of the Gospel of John. It’s a well-known account that is often viewed as either a lesson in not judging or condemning others or a healing of sin. A woman […]

Mary Baker Eddy Library Nearly 70 Seekers And Scholars Podcasts

Mary Baker Eddy Library – Nearly 70 “Seekers and Scholars” Podcasts

The Mary Baker Eddy Library Website has a series of podcasts titled, Seekers and Scholars. If you have not listened to them, the podcasts consist of a series taken directly from the Mary Baker Eddy Library. When we last posted in 2018 there were seventeen episodes open to the public. Today there are 69 episodes! […]

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Christian Science Journal – Freedom from human willpower

The Christian Science Journal website published an article this month by Janet Clements titled, Freedom from human willpower: Looking at the world today, we see individuals and groups attempting to exert their will over others, both aggressively and subtly. The effort to dominate is seen in government, politics, health care, environmental issues, and personal relationships, to […]

Exploring Financial Literacy

Join us for an Embraced:Fully interview – Exploring Financial Literacy

If you have not yet heard of the work being done by the group Embraced:Fully then it is time to check them out! They have a wonderful Interview coming up this Thursday via zoom at 8:00PM Houston time titled, Exploring Financial Literacy: Julie Rugg is a retired math instructor. Don Rugg is a Certified Financial […]