Christian Science Journal: Healed of heart attacks

The Christian Science Journal website published an article by Laura Leigh Robinson this month titled, Healed of heart attacks: Several years ago, I experienced three episodes of heart attack symptoms over a six-month period. The first was at home with my three college-age children. We were new to Christian Science, so this was the first time […]

Consistency In Healing Practice

Christian Science Journal – Consistency in healing practice

DeWitt John wrote an article originally published in June 1982 that was recently shared again on the Christian Science Journal website titled, Consistency in healing practice. The article focuses on the consistencies seen through Christian Science and is worth a read: One of the outstanding characteristics of Christian Science is its consistency—in metaphysical teachings, method […]

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Lecture – Practicing Christian Healing Today

Mary Alice Rose gave a lecture this year discussing the relevancy of the Bible today as seen through healings. To view this lecture, please click below… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdc71HxD6nU