Tackling Global Issues, With Prayer

Christian Science Sentinel – Tackling global issues, with prayer

Emily Faulkner shared an article on the Christian Science Sentinel website titled, Tackling global issues –  with prayer. The article discusses the power of prayer: Emily Faulkner, a global studies major, lives at a unique intersection of thought. On the one hand, her major has exposed her to an in-depth analysis of some of the […]

From ‘the Liberal’ And ‘the Conservative’ To Friends

Christian Science Monitor – From ‘the liberal’ and ‘the conservative’ to friends

Ingrid Peschke published an article on the Christian Science Monitor website today under A Christian Science Perspective. The article looks at the controversy between friends with beliefs on different ends of the political spectrum: When opinions clash, it can be hard to see past what we perceive as another’s faults. When a woman found herself […]

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Principle Foundation Talk with Dr. Brad Stock

The Principle Foundation’s Houston Local Committee has scheduled a talk by Dr. Brad Stock, to be given at The Branch School on October 19, 2019 at 1:00 PM, titled “Illumined Scriptures: Mary Baker Eddy and The Bible.” Its theme, from Mrs. Eddy’s Message to The Mother Church for 1902, is: “Our thoughts of the Bible utter […]

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Presentation: Christian Science Nurse Services and Care

Please join us at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Friendswood, TX on Sunday, September 22nd at 11:30 AM for a presentation by Dave Daniels, President of Houston Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service & Susie Petersen, Journal listed Christian Science Nurse on Christian Science Nurse Services and Care. Click HERE for directions and contact information.  

Consistency In Healing Practice

Christian Science Journal – Consistency in healing practice

DeWitt John wrote an article originally published in June 1982 that was recently shared again on the Christian Science Journal website titled, Consistency in healing practice. The article focuses on the consistencies seen through Christian Science and is worth a read: One of the outstanding characteristics of Christian Science is its consistency—in metaphysical teachings, method […]

Night had fallen when the call came to my squadron’s ready…

Night had fallen when the call came to my squadron’s ready room to fly two helicopters to the Marine Corps base at Khe Sanh, Vietnam. It was December 1967, and this had been a long day of flying. Click the link below to read this article. Night had fallen when the call came to my […]

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Lecture – Practicing Christian Healing Today

Mary Alice Rose gave a lecture this year discussing the relevancy of the Bible today as seen through healings. To view this lecture, please click below…  

Christian Science Sentinel – Dispelling destructive forces

Kathleen Mitchener shared an article this week on the Christian Science Sentinel website titled, Dispelling destructive forces. The article focuses on  prayer during extreme weather: Each year, hurricane season is seen as running from June through November, with September generally anticipated as the most destructive month. Yet, prayer based on an understanding of the all-power […]

Making Right Decisions: Immigration, Health, Finance

Dear Friends, This summer, the Third Church of Christ, Scientist, NYC will share with the world a free talk entitled “Making the Rright Decisions: Immigration, Health, Finances”, given by Leide Lessa, CSB at Third Church of Christ, Scientist, in  New York City, August. 13, 2019. Leide is a Christian Science teacher and a member of […]

Christian Science Monitor – Healed during church

Maryann McKay published an article on the Christian Science Monitor website today about a healing during a Wednesday night church service. She writes: I was traveling for work and was scheduled to be on the road for nine weeks straight with almost no time off. The strenuous schedule left little time for rest. A month […]