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Mary Baker Eddy Library – Seekers and Scholars Podcasts

The Mary Baker Eddy Library Website has a series of podcasts titled, Seekers and Scholars. If you have not listened to them, the podcasts consist of a series taken directly from the Mary Baker Eddy Library. There are seventeen episodes open to the public and episode eighteen is scheduled for September 3, 2018. The online webpage states: […]

Christian Science Sentinel – Refuse to hate, yield to Love

If you missed it, Kim Crooks Korinek wrote an article posted on the Christian Science Sentinel website titled, Refuse to Hate – Yield to Love. The article focuses on the power of Love: Whether it’s extremist hate groups or the anger of a neighbor, hatred can seem like an insurmountable wall. However, even in the midst […]

To one person, you may be the world

Christian Science Monitor – To one person, you may be the world

Mark Swinney published an article on the Christian Science Monitor website exploring the value of selflessness that’s not simply about doing good deeds but about letting God’s love impel our actions. The article goes on to state: An active willingness to express qualities such as thoughtfulness, gentleness, forgiveness, and steadfastness helps us recognize our true […]

Mary Baker Eddy Library – The Building of the Christian Science Center

The Mary Baker Eddy Library Website recently posted an article titled, The Building of the Christian Science Center. The article focuses on  the Mother Church and the construction, community and renovations throughout the years. The online article presents intriguing photos and describes the following: In 1886 the Church of Christ, Scientist (later called The Mother Church) purchased a […]

Christian Science Monitor – Lessons from a rearview mirror

Suzanne Riedel published an article on the Christian Science Monitor website clarifying the idea that there’s a divine basis for growth and progress from the pull of disturbing memories. The article goes on to state: Progress is a built-in desire for each and every man, woman, and child. Often that progress appears as better health, […]

Good news at the Christian Science Organization at the University of Houston

The CSO at UH students in the top picture left to right are Lina Triana (Sec), Alejandra Duque (Pres), George Nutwell (Campus Minister from 8th Church), Hallie Patterson (Volunteer), Viviana Medina (Treasurer), and Naomi Nutwell (visitor). Kaye Patterson from 7th Church will continue as a Church Sponsor. These are new officers for 2018-2019. In addition […]

Am I good enough to be healed?

Often I’ve struggled when my prayer didn’t bring quick healing. Sometimes I felt frustrated and discouraged, even irritated. I didn’t doubt Christian Science, but I wanted to find spiritual solutions to my problems more definitively through Christian Science—I wanted to know how my prayers could be more effective. Click the link below to read this article. […]

Christian Science Monitor – Prayer beyond words

Lyle Young published an article on the Christian Science Monitor website addressing true prayer and how we must allow God to show us how to live them. The article states: Without a doubt, true prayer involves not just words but the practical expression of goodness, kindness, and love – qualities that prove the sincerity of […]

Christian Science Monitor – God’s promise of healing

Today Ellen J. Wolf published an article on the Christian Science Monitor website addressing a personal experience that helps illustrate how we can rely on God for healing. The article states: In the Bible, it is recorded that God told Moses: “I am the Lord that healeth thee” (Exodus 15:26). And through study of the […]