Dealing With “doomerism”

Christian Science Sentinel – Dealing with “doomerism”

The Christian Science Sentinel Online posted an article yesterday by Eric Nelson titled, Dealing with “doomerism”: “All it takes is one person to poke a hole through the bottom of a boat in order for everyone else on board to be affected,” remarked a friend, referring to the impact that the negativity of others can have on […]


Christian Science Sentinel – Loving ourselves as our neighbor

The Christian Science Sentinel Online posted a thoughtful article yesterday by Tony Lobl titled, Loving ourselves as our neighbor: In an unattributed drawing, a young man sits beneath a tree. Hands folded on his knees, he peers into the night sky. Accompanying this simple sketch are these words: “You will never speak to anyone more than […]

The Normal Class Of 2021

Christian Science Journal – The Normal class of 2021

The Christian Science Journal website published an article by The Christian Science Board of Education titled, The Normal class of 2021: Every three years since 1907, the Board of Education, an auxiliary to the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, has held a Normal class to train and authorize qualified practitioners of Christian Science healing to take on the […]

Leveling Wealth With Honesty

Christian Science Sentinel – Leveling wealth with honesty

The Christian Science Sentinel Online posted an article this week by Evan Mehlenbacher titled, Leveling wealth with honesty. The article discusses how wealth is measured: Mary Baker Eddy had a clear sense of true wealth when she wrote, “Break up cliques, level wealth with honesty, let worth be judged according to wisdom, and we get better […]

Six Of One

Christmas: Now and Then

Sunday, December 5, 2021  at 4:30 pm All are invited to an Evening of A Cappella, Organ, and Piano Music at Eighth Church of Christ, Scientist, 11976 Memorial Drive, Houston 77024 ⊕  Featuring members of Six of One, Houston’s premier female a cappella ensemble. ⊕  And Cloud Ssu-Yun Wang, Piano and Organ. ⊕ Click HERE […]

“hearken” And Heal!

Christian Science Journal – “Hearken” and Heal!

The Christian Science Journal website published an article by Judith Hardy Olson titled, “Hearken” and Heal!: Hearken is not a word you come across in daily speech or conversation. It sounds old-fashioned. In fact, the first time I ever used it was in elementary school, when we sang the traditional English refrain of an old Neapolitan song: […]

A New Birth After Hard Times

Christian Science Sentinel – A new birth after hard times

The Christian Science Sentinel Online posted an article this week by John Quincy Adams III titled, A new birth after hard times. The article discusses overcoming life’s challenges: Needing to start anew after one or more of life’s most challenging circumstances, or for any reason, is something many of us have faced. Climbing out of a dark […]

The Healing Principle That’s Discoverable—daily!

Christian Science Sentinel – The Healing Principle That’s Discoverable, Daily!

The Christian Science Sentinel Online posted an article this week by Tony Lobl titled, The Healing Principle That’s Discoverable – Daily! Tony shares: Occasionally, we hear the word discoverable, referring, for instance, to making things easier to find online or to a lawyer’s right to gain access to documents. More broadly, it simply means something can be discovered. “Eureka!” […]

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Replay of the Healing 101 Web Lecture — The Helen Wood Bauman Story

The Healing 101 Website is currently showing a replay video titled, The Helen Wood Bauman Story (available for a limited time): Christian Science was the answer to Helen Wood Bauman’s deep desire to help humanity, and her understanding of the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy bore fruit in an extensive healing practice. She went on […]

One World

Mary Baker Eddy Library – One World 2021

The Mary Baker Eddy Library website posted their annual One World program, which is a series of free art and cultural events targeted for children ages 4–12. The series is half way done and if you have not checked it out yet, there is still time: This year’s program series is designed for everyone to […]