Christian Science Journal – Does it matter what others think of us?

Does It Matter What Others Think Of Us?Susan Booth Mack Snipes wrote an article recently shared on the Christian Science Journal website titled, Does it matter what others think of us? The article begins:

I’m continually surprised by how much I still struggle with this question. For the most part I’m not aware of being concerned about what others think of me, and then, bang—something comes up that makes me question my goodness, adequacy, or ability, and I find that there’s still more egotism there than I realized. 

But I can tell I am making progress, because these days I find myself actually grateful for those wake-up moments, even though they’re uncomfortable. I see them as opportunities to keep surrendering to how God sees me, to rest secure in the steady approval that God has for all of Her children, to realize that this is what really matters most, and to experience the tangible benefits of this realization…

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