Christian Science Journal – Healing through coming to Christ

Healing Through Coming To ChristSue A. Spotts wrote an article from August 1992 that was recently shared on the Christian Science Journal website titled, Healing through coming to Christ. The article focuses on our connection with Christ:

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to have met Christ Jesus or to have been able to go to him for healing?

How would we approach this holiest of all men, the Son of God? Tentatively perhaps, not knowing quite what to expect—unsure of what might be required of us by the gospel he was proclaiming. Or we might see ourselves as coming to the Master with a bright sense of hope that not only would our bodies be restored but our thinking and our lives would also be touched by his healing prayer. Still others of us might imagine what unutterable humility we would feel in the presence of his spirituality, what a distance we would sense between our own meager expression of goodness and the sheer radiance of his light and love…

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