Christian Science Journal – The Normal class of 2021

The Normal Class Of 2021The Christian Science Journal website published an article by The Christian Science Board of Education titled, The Normal class of 2021:

Every three years since 1907, the Board of Education, an auxiliary to the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, has held a Normal class to train and authorize qualified practitioners of Christian Science healing to take on the additional responsibility of teaching this healing practice to others. We’re grateful to announce that a dedicated new group of teachers has now completed the 2021 Normal class, which was held in early December in the Boston area.

Margaret Rogers, CSB, of Berkeley, California, taught the class. Christian Science and community service were strong influences in Margaret’s home growing up. In college she became convinced that the best way to accomplish lasting justice and healing was to spiritualize thought and life in the way Christ Jesus taught. After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, she trained as a Christian Science nurse, learning that healing involved love and commitment to spiritual growth. After several years nursing, she entered the full-time practice of Christian Science and then served as a lecturer and writer for Church periodicals. Since becoming a teacher of Christian Science in 1991, Margaret has filled various roles at The Mother Church, including Second Reader, Associate Editor of The Christian Science Journal, and member of the Christian Science Board of Directors. She found great joy in helping to launch the excellent students of the 2021 Normal class…

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