Christian Science Journal – United against hatred of Truth

The Christian Science Journal website published an article, from the July issue, written by Cynthia Clague titled, United against hatred of Truth: When I first joined my branch Church of Christ, Scientist, the members were struggling with a remodeling project that wasn’t going forward because of money woes. Several times over the years, members again attempted […]

Gathering Together In Church Without Boundaries

Christian Science Sentinel – Gathering together in Church without boundaries

The Christian Science Sentinel posted an article by Mark Swinney titled, Gathering together in Church without boundaries: While church buildings and members organized so as to work efficiently together in service to God and mankind certainly continue to be exceedingly relevant, are there other approaches to gathering together in Christ’s name? Lately, people have been […]

Christian Science Monitor – Healed during church

Maryann McKay published an article on the Christian Science Monitor website today about a healing during a Wednesday night church service. She writes: I was traveling for work and was scheduled to be on the road for nine weeks straight with almost no time off. The strenuous schedule left little time for rest. A month […]

Christian Science Monitor – A humble and earnest response to the demand for church

Kim Crooks Korinek published an article on the Christian Science Monitor Website addressing how a rethink of church as founded on the basis of spiritual healing can meet the need of expressing and sharing spirituality in todays world. The article says: The demand for church is real. Some might agree with that statement. Others emphatically […]