Embraced: Fully – “I was supposed to die in prison” – Troy’s story (Video)

Embracedfully Episode Troy Spann3If you have not yet heard of the work currently being done by the group Embraced:Fully then it is time to check out their website and most recent insightful interview.

Embraced:Fully’s  purpose and mission:

Our Vision

We envision a world where returning community members are actively supported by Angel Teams to help ensure key needs are met in order to succeed in not going back to prison or jail.

Our Mission

Our mission is to organize, train, educate, and enable Angel Teams across the United States to help qualified returning community members successfully reenter society.


Embraced:Fully was founded in 2020 to address the gap that exists between exiting prison and successfully reintegrating with society. Religious institutional work in many cases has traditionally not extended beyond prison walls. Embraced:Fully is the hand-off organization to assist with practical needs and resources for returning community members.

To watch Troy Spann Jr.’s incredible interview on how Christian Science has helped his journey out of the sentence “life in prison”, please click on his picture above. To visit the Embraced Fully website for more information/interviews, please click here.


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