Zoom Interview — Thinking Forward

Thinking ForwardSupported by The Willows website, Dave Cook is interviewing Bruce Jeffrey in an interview via zoom titled, Thinking Forward – Thursday October 21st at 8:00PM(CDT).



Bruce Jeffrey is Executive Director at The Principle Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri, a nonprofit organization that offers modest grants to Christian Scientists in need of financial assistance. The Principle Foundation also administers the National Fund for Christian Science Nursing. In his time there, Bruce has worked with hundreds of Christian Scientists who find themselves needing financial assistance.

Bruce is a graduate of the Air Force Academy and has served as both a navigator on B-52’s and as an instructor at the Academy. His Masters degree is from the University of Wisconsin. He has worked as a manager, trainer, consultant and coach for leaders and executives in businesses small and large.

Bruce is a life-long Christian Scientist. At various times, he has served as Sunday School teacher, usher, Clerk, meeting leader, first and second Reader, and as a member of his Church’s Board.

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