Christian Science Journal – Overcoming aggressive evil

Overcoming Aggressive EvilThe Christian Science Journal website published an article by Christine Jenks Herlinger Driessen last month titled, Overcoming aggressive evil:

It seems as if not a day goes by now without news reports of evil spreading in forms such as contagion, hatred, corruption, abuse, mass killings, or terrorism, leaving many people feeling helpless. At the same time, however, we are seeing, worldwide, more people praying together for health, peace, justice, and freedom. But too often the picture does not look hopeful.

Perhaps this is because the tendency is to define evil based on what we see and hear, such as TV images of violence or reports of disease, and then we attach evil to certain individuals, causing a division when people start pointing a finger at each other. But the real enemy is not who or what the physical senses perceive, but what is behind it—the mental state. In order to subdue the effect of evil and prove it powerless to destroy good, we must understand the aggressively deceptive nature of evil…

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