Longyear Museum – Mary Eaton: 40 Years A Practitioner

Mary E. Eaton, C.s.b.The Longyear Museum posted an article on their website written by Marylee Hursh December 1, 1978 titled, Mary E. Eaton, C.S.B.. The article highlights Mary Eaton and her influence during the early years of Christian Science:

Of the many students and workers associated with Mary Baker Eddy in the early years of the Christian Science movement, some are less well known today than others. One such individual is Mary E. Eaton. As was true of many of her peers in the movement, Mary Eaton was dedicated, unselfish, and tireless in her efforts to advance the Cause of Christian Science and to help her Leader. She attended Mrs. Eddy’s last class of 1898, served briefly in her household, and taught and practiced Christian Science for many years…

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