Christian Science Sentinel – Follow that star

Follow That StarMyrra Johnson shared an article on the Christian Science Sentinel website titled, Follow that star. The article touches upon the holiday season:

I am always amazed when I look up at the stars at night. The wonder of God’s handiwork makes me stand in awe.

I can well imagine how the wise men many, many years ago must have felt when looking up at a particularly bright star that may have seemed rather overwhelming to them. Perhaps its light penetrated near and far, beyond what they had ever experienced before. But they knew that this was an extraordinary event. Something wonderful was taking place, and they followed the star to the place where it was resting—above the humble manger where a small babe had been born. That babe was Christ Jesus, who would unfold Truth to a world waiting to be lifted out of its materialistic beliefs. The star brilliantly epitomized this hope, and they looked up with wonder and expectation…

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