Christian Science Journal – United against hatred of Truth

The Christian Science Journal website published an article, from the July issue, written by Cynthia Clague titled, United against hatred of Truth: When I first joined my branch Church of Christ, Scientist, the members were struggling with a remodeling project that wasn’t going forward because of money woes. Several times over the years, members again attempted […]

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Christian Science Journal – Putting Truth on record

The Christian Science Journal website published an article by Barbara Vining titled, Putting Truth on record: Christ Jesus put on record the healing power of God, divine Truth, for the world’s benefit. He did this by teaching and demonstrating the power of Truth, freeing humanity from limitations, discords, and diseases. In explanation he said, “To this […]

Follow That Star

Christian Science Sentinel – Follow that star

Myrra Johnson shared an article on the Christian Science Sentinel website titled, Follow that star. The article touches upon the holiday season: I am always amazed when I look up at the stars at night. The wonder of God’s handiwork makes me stand in awe. I can well imagine how the wise men many, many years […]