Christian Science Monitor – Lessons from a rearview mirror

Suzanne Riedel published an article on the Christian Science Monitor website clarifying the idea that there’s a divine basis for growth and progress from the pull of disturbing memories. The article goes on to state:

Progress is a built-in desire for each and every man, woman, and child. Often that progress appears as better health, a deeper sense of peace even in troubled times, or greater productivity and satisfaction. But sometimes harmful past experiences may dominate our present outlook so much that negative results seem inescapable, and new and better experiences can’t even be imagined.

There’s a way out of such hopelessness, though, through a different approach to reviewing our lives. I’ve found a helpful life metaphor in driving a car. It goes like this: When you learn the basics of driving, you gain the habit of glancing back in the rearview mirror to orient yourself. Good drivers know that this occasional look back is important; you need to see where other cars are in order to travel safely. But no one drives looking backward all the time. Or even a lot of the time. Drivers have to see where they’re going down the road in order to move forward to their destination.

We best move forward in our lives in the same way. Periodically glancing back to learn important lessons and to solidify the gains we have made in our goals, skills, or understanding can orient us. But what has become clear to me from my own experience is that turning our thought in a different direction – a spiritual direction – is what impels lasting momentum and progress.

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