Christian Science Monitor – Prayer beyond words

Lyle Young published an article on the Christian Science Monitor website addressing true prayer and how we must allow God to show us how to live them. The article states:

Without a doubt, true prayer involves not just words but the practical expression of goodness, kindness, and love – qualities that prove the sincerity of our prayer. Prayer finds its expression in a change of one’s own heart and in one’s life. It becomes practical when it brings about a change of thought for the better; it’s inseparable from the action that flows from and illustrates that change of thought.

Sometimes we may be tricked into thinking of prayer and action as being on two sides of a room – prayer on one side and action on the other. But prayer and the genuine expression of that prayer – taking form in a greater expression of compassion leading to inspired human actions – are inseparable and stand as one. Are we willing to live consistently with our prayers, no matter what we might feel led to do, or give up, in order to do so? For example, we cannot sincerely pray for the honesty of public officials and then cheat on our taxes. Nor can we pray for the elimination of violence and then allow ourselves to explode in rage at a friend or family member.

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