Christian Science Monitor – God’s promise of healing

Today Ellen J. Wolf published an article on the Christian Science Monitor website addressing a personal experience that helps illustrate how we can rely on God for healing. The article states:

In the Bible, it is recorded that God told Moses: “I am the Lord that healeth thee” (Exodus 15:26). And through study of the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered Christian Science, I’ve gained a trust in this ability of God to heal.

That might seem pretty radical today, when many wonder if it is even possible that God exists, let alone if He can heal sickness. But I’ve proven in my own experience that it is possible to experience God’s love in healing.

To illustrate, one winter I suffered with heavy, persistent coughing day and night. It was difficult to carry on conversations or to be in public, and it was physically draining. My neighbor would sometimes compassionately express concern because she could hear me struggling through the walls.

I had a sense of how this problem might be medically diagnosed, but I didn’t pursue that avenue because I had experienced the practicality of leaning on God. I knew His love was capable of healing physical challenges.

In deep humility, I turned away from what I considered to be a circus of clamoring symptoms and suffering and began to quietly think about the truth of God’s supremacy and of my relation to Him as His beloved daughter. I knew God to be omnipotent and ever-present Spirit and that He cares for and protects His creation. I started to feel God’s presence, power, and love, and it became clear that the Father is always looking out for me.


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