Christian Science Sentinel – God’s Universe, No Fear There!

The Christian Science Sentinel recently re-posted an article written by John Detch in 2009 titled, God’s Universe, No Fear There! It regards the topic of fear – a topic that has become more relevant these days: Many of us face times when fear tries to take over. But I’ve found that no matter how serious […]

Teen Stress

Healing 101 Web Lecture — Defusing Teen Stress

Healing 101 is hosting a live webinar on May 4, 2020 at 7:30 PST.  The title of the lecture is Defusing Teen Stress: Navigating Tough Times and Finding Healing.   This lecture will address the topic of stress, depression, suicide, and other major challenges faced by the youth of today.   Click Here to Register […]

Prayer That Heals

Web & Phone Talk – Humility that overcomes the world – 5/3/2020 Mark McCurties, CS

Mark McCurties, CS discusses how learning to follow the example of Christ Jesus can empower each one of us to heal, and overcome the hard problems that we face. We will explore what true humility is, how it links us to God, and how it connects us with God’s healing and saving laws. There is […]

Michelle Nanouche Blog2

Healing 101 Web Lecture — Finding Your Immunity From Disease

FROM MICHELLE: Free access to the textbook Michelle speaks about in the web lecture; Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. Read the book and/or listen to the audio recording at any time for free. Click HERE for the Book link Enjoy! Please send your questions, comments and feedback to: […]

Join Our Hymn Sing This Sunday

CedarS Camps: Join Our Hymn Sing This Sunday

Greetings CedarS Friends, You are invited to a CedarS 365 Hymn Sing this Sunday, March 22nd, from 7:00-7:30pm Central. Format: The Hymn Sing will be hosted by CedarS counselor, Stephen Hanlin, and his family. Like at camp, we’ll take requests for seven hymns, followed by the Doxology, and finally the CedarS song, led by Warren. […]

Christian Science Monitor Finding Immunity From Sickness

Christian Science Monitor: Finding immunity from sickness

Michelle Boccanfuso Nanouche published an article on the Christian Science Monitor website today under A Christian Science Perspective. The article discusses God’s perfect love and its ability to heal: I know someone who used to schedule his sick days in advance because he expected to catch some type of illness every year about the same […]

Christ The Door To Healing And For Healers 4x3

Christian Science Sentinel – Christ: The door to healing and for healers

Connie Coddington and Barbara Vining share a Sentinel Watch titled, Christ: The door to healing and for healers: On this edition of Sentinel Watch, our guests discuss the light Jesus threw on the nature of his healing practice when he said, “I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved” (John […]

Sharing Christian Science Unselfishly

Christian Science Sentinel – Sharing Christian Science Unselfishly

Beth Campbell shared an article on the Christian Science Sentinel website titled, Sharing Christian Science Unselfishly. The article touches upon a personal story: One Saturday morning not too long after I’d been a guest at an inspiring Christian Science association meeting on the topic of unselfishness, I woke up with the idea to volunteer at […]

College Students, Monitor Staffers Want To Meet You In Boston

College Students, Monitor Staffers Want to Meet You in Boston

The Albert Baker Fund posted on their website that they are looking for college students interested in a journalism workshop with The Christian Science Monitor in Boston: College students — are you interested in politics, culture, or world affairs? Curious about how the media covers these issues? If yes, Monitor staffers want to meet you! […]

Does It Matter What Others Think Of Us?

Christian Science Journal – Does it matter what others think of us?

Susan Booth Mack Snipes wrote an article recently shared on the Christian Science Journal website titled, Does it matter what others think of us? The article begins: I’m continually surprised by how much I still struggle with this question. For the most part I’m not aware of being concerned about what others think of me, and […]