Christian Science Journal: Handling chaos – A lesson from a vase

OrchidsThe Christian Science Journal website published an article by Daniel Lees this month titled, Handling chaos – A lesson from a vase:

You may have noticed a growing use of the term chaos in the news media. It denotes confusion, disorder, or unpredictability occurring in physical bodies, the body politic, or nature. All such states convey a disquieting, false sense of the absence of control by a single governing power, or Principle. In his poem “The Second Coming,” thought to depict anti-Christ, William Butler Yeats puts it this way: “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.”

In fact, the concept of chaos hails from nothingness itself. The first chapter of the Bible mentions a dark void (see Genesis 1:2). John Milton named that void Chaos in his epic poem Paradise Lost, and an early American dictionary defines chaos as “that confusion, or confused mass, in which matter is supposed to have existed, before it was separated into its different kinds and reduced to order, by the creating power of God” (Noah Webster, American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828). The generalized sense of the term, denoting disorder and confusion, is still common today.

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