Christian Science Journal: A victory over anxiety

ContemplationThe Christian Science Journal website published an article this month titled, A victory over anxiety:

One afternoon in the middle of our son’s fourth-grade year in elementary school, I got a call from the nurse’s office to pick him up. He was feeling nauseous and his head hurt. I brought him home and stayed with him, praying for him. After we had read together that week’s Bible Lesson from the Christian Science Quarterly, he slept a bit and then woke completely free of the symptoms.

When the same thing happened at school again, I contacted a Christian Science practitioner and asked her to pray for my son. The symptoms he was experiencing quickly dissipated after the treatment, but later returned. When his trips to the nurse’s office became a regular occurrence, my husband and I asked our son some questions about what was going on in school. But he said that everything was fine. Our son was a good student who loved learning and being with his friends.

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