Mary Baker Eddy Library – Nearly 70 “Seekers and Scholars” Podcasts

Mary Baker Eddy Library Nearly 70 Seekers And Scholars PodcastsThe Mary Baker Eddy Library Website has a series of podcasts titled, Seekers and Scholars. If you have not listened to them, the podcasts consist of a series taken directly from the Mary Baker Eddy Library. When we last posted in 2018 there were seventeen episodes open to the public. Today there are 69 episodes! When was the last time you listened?

Mary Baker Eddy dedicated her chief work Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures to “honest seekers for Truth.” The Seekers and Scholars podcast series celebrates the spirit of inquiry that is illuminating engagement with Eddy’s life, writings, and ideas in a wide variety of fields. Join The Mary Baker Eddy Library for monthly episodes at the intersection of scholarship and spiritual quest.

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