Christian Science Monitor – Not just surviving but thriving!

Not Just Surviving But Thriving!An article was posted on the Christian Science Monitor website under A Christian Science Perspective by Elizabeth Schaefer titled, Not just surviving but thriving! The article reminds us during these times not just how to survive, but how to get back out there and thrive:

Baking on the searing pavement under the Texas summer sun in the middle of a busy roadway was a red-eared slider turtle. Driving by, my husband saw it just in time, then safely stopped, scooped it up, and brought it home. We put it in our small patio pond, but after several days, the turtle hadn’t eaten, the shell was flaking off, its skin was peeling, and the outlook seemed dire.

So I prayed.

Of all the pressing concerns in the world, the situation with a turtle didn’t seem very consequential. Yet I’ve found that praying about the little things in life often ends up helping me see solutions to the bigger things. In this case, I learned something about the nature of salvation…

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