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Sharing Christian Science UnselfishlyBeth Campbell shared an article on the Christian Science Sentinel website titled, Sharing Christian Science Unselfishly. The article touches upon a personal story:

One Saturday morning not too long after I’d been a guest at an inspiring Christian Science association meeting on the topic of unselfishness, I woke up with the idea to volunteer at my local Christian Science Reading Room. I wasn’t scheduled to work there on that day, but called up the person who was and offered to take over her shift. Since she’d already worked some that week, she was delighted.  

I had a productive time at the Reading Room, and afterward I stopped at a grocery store. In front of the store, there was a young couple with cardboard signs asking for money. Admittedly, I felt a bit annoyed. Without really looking at the couple, I went into the store and chatted with one of the store clerks about seeing more and more people asking for money right near the doorways of stores. What she said was in line with the desire I’d had that morning to practice unselfishness. She told me I shouldn’t feel obligated to give them money, but maybe I should just acknowledge them. I knew that was a good idea and one I normally try to practice… 


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