VIDEO: Texas Institutional Committee Annual Meeting

Click the the image to watch a video of the 2017 Annual Meeting


Christian Science Chaplains in Texas that minister to prisons, jails, treatment facilities, and crisis centers (and others interested in this ministry) met at the First Church of Christ, Scientist, New Braunfels for their 2017 annual statewide meeting to share reports of not only character healings, but of physical healings of inmates through this ministry.

At the 1-hour-2 minute mark on the video, retired Army Chaplain Col. Janet Horton was introduced as the guest speaker and she spoke for 20 minutes. Col. Horton has a recently published book titled, “Cracking the Camouflage Ceiling”. She has been doing prison ministry work for 12 years in Florida.

This was the church’s first live video using all they had, an iphone 6. They started filming the video about 7 minutes before the beginning of the program. They were so grateful to be chosen as the venue for this inspiring meeting! The video is posted on the church’s Facebook page.