Self Conscious? Commune With God!

Christian Science Monitor – Self conscious? Commune with God!

An article was posted on the Christian Science Monitor website yesterday, under A Christian Science Perspective, by Barbara Vining titled, Self-conscious? Commune with God!: To human sense, to be self-conscious is to be preoccupied with our physical appearance and human personality and concerned about what other people think of us. I remember how self-conscious I […]

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Christian Science Journal – Putting Truth on record

The Christian Science Journal website published an article by Barbara Vining titled, Putting Truth on record: Christ Jesus put on record the healing power of God, divine Truth, for the world’s benefit. He did this by teaching and demonstrating the power of Truth, freeing humanity from limitations, discords, and diseases. In explanation he said, “To this […]

Facing Division? Side With God!

Christian Science Sentinel – Facing division? Side with God!

The Christian Science Sentinel online posted an article by Barbara Vining titled, Facing division? Side with God!: Division, whether in a personal relationship or on a much larger scale, is unpleasant, to say the least. It is most often caused by the side-taking that arises (my side against yours) when we allow opinion and human reasoning […]