Live online lecture: “Spiritual discovery in a time of upheaval” by Tom McElroy, CSB

April 29, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Live online lecture: "Spiritual discovery in a time of upheaval" by Tom McElroy, CSB

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A free online talk will be broadcast by Tom McElroy, CSB.

Discovery is what has progressed humanity throughout history, be it through new inventions or new views of fundamental human rights. Spiritual discovery is about stripping away surface-level appearances in order to see our lives and the world through the nature of an all-good God that is Life and Love itself. This lecture is about how we find real change and healing through new views of people, power, and prayer.

What is Christian Science? An approach to Christianity based on the idea that the divine truth and love which shone through Jesus’ life and works is timeless, universal, and understandable, and so can be experienced through healing in our lives today.

This event is sponsored by: Seventh Church of Christ, Scientist, Houston, TX

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