Christian Science Monitor – Healed during church

Maryann McKay published an article on the Christian Science Monitor website today about a healing during a Wednesday night church service. She writes: I was traveling for work and was scheduled to be on the road for nine weeks straight with almost no time off. The strenuous schedule left little time for rest. A month […]

Christian Science Sentinel – Singer healed of lost voice

Rowanne Karapogosian shared an article this week on the Christian Science Sentinel website titled, Singer healed of lost voice. The article focuses on  God’s Love: I have been a student of Christian Science my whole life, and I have had countless healings through my understanding of Christian Science and through the prayers of Christian Science […]

Am I good enough to be healed?

Often I’ve struggled when my prayer didn’t bring quick healing. Sometimes I felt frustrated and discouraged, even irritated. I didn’t doubt Christian Science, but I wanted to find spiritual solutions to my problems more definitively through Christian Science—I wanted to know how my prayers could be more effective. Click the link below to read this article. […]

Swept by a rapid current of icy clear water

Swept by a rapid current of icy clear water toward a river-spanning barrier of broken trees and other jagged debris. Click the link below to read this article. Follow the ducks! By Richard G. Lee From the August 6, 2012 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel            

It was on September 8 last, at the time of the Galveston flood, that I found more faith in God…

The lights had gone out and we were groping in total darkness, in water to my waist. Click the link below to read –or- listen to the this article. Wonderfully Sustained by Truth By Mary E. Christie From the December 6, 1900 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel      

I was a refugee in 1836, fleeing from home before the army of Santa Anna…

Of the pioneers who enlisted under the flag of the Lone Star to battle for freedom, I am one of the few now living to testify to former conditions. After seventy years sojourn in my adopted state, I became again a refugee, fleeing from a merciless foe—ill health… Click the link below to read this […]

Healed of Substance Abuse and Panic Attacks

Local native, Jeff Tinkham, shares his healing of substance abuse and panic attacks. Jeff was raised in Christian Science, but at the age of 13 began getting involved in drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana.  Over the years, he tried several times, on different occasions, to quit but with no success. One night, in 1991, he came to a crossroad and […]

Quick healing of sports injury [VIDEO]

Meet Carlos. After an active day at the beach playing sports, he felt pain in his foot that prevented him from walking normally. He chose to pray about the problem with ideas he learned in Christian Science, and he quickly gained full mobility.

Healed of Kidney Deformity and Successfully got Pregnant [VIDEO]

Meet Kaye. She was twice diagnosed with a kidney deformity and was told she’d never be able to have children. Soon after she started practicing Christian Science, she became pregnant, and her gynecologist found her free of the kidney condition. She had her first child, followed by two more. From           […]