Not Just Surviving But Thriving!

Christian Science Monitor – Not just surviving but thriving!

An article was posted on the Christian Science Monitor website under A Christian Science Perspective by Elizabeth Schaefer titled, Not just surviving but thriving! The article reminds us during these times not just how to survive, but how to get back out there and thrive: Baking on the searing pavement under the Texas summer sun […]


Christian Science Sentinel – The Algorithm of Spirit

The Christian Science Sentinel Online posted an article by Susan Booth Mack Snipes titled, The Algorithm of Spirit. Susan shares: The algorithm of Spirit, the law of God’s allness, is supremely practical. It cuts through the variables of mortal chance,  circumstances, and demands and impels harmony, health, supply, and freedom as the natural and inevitable […]

Online Thanksgiving Service November 28, 2019

Online Thanksgiving Service – November 28, 2019

On Thursday, November 28th the Mother Church will be hosting their annual Thanksgiving service. The service will be live in person at 10:00 AM EST. There will also be a live online Thanksgiving service that will take place at 12:00 PM EST. To see the highlights and listen in on Thanksgiving day, please visit the […]

Making Right Decisions: Immigration, Health, Finance

Dear Friends, This summer, the Third Church of Christ, Scientist, NYC will share with the world a free talk entitled “Making the Rright Decisions: Immigration, Health, Finances”, given by Leide Lessa, CSB at Third Church of Christ, Scientist, in  New York City, August. 13, 2019. Leide is a Christian Science teacher and a member of […]

It was on September 8 last, at the time of the Galveston flood, that I found more faith in God…

The lights had gone out and we were groping in total darkness, in water to my waist. Click the link below to read –or- listen to the this article. Wonderfully Sustained by Truth By Mary E. Christie From the December 6, 1900 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel      

Replay: “Love Without Limit, Life Without Fear” by Fujiko Signs, CSB

Watch a replay of the lecture, “Love Without Limit, Life Without Fear” by International Christian Science speaker Fujiko Signs CSB. The live lecture was sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist The Woodlands held on April 4th at The Woodlands South County Community Center.     Check back for a link to her radio interview […]

Healing Inspiration 24/7

Are you looking for healing messages? Would you like to listen to examples of how people have been healed of sickness and other problems through Christian Science? You can listen online right now or call from your phone anytime!   Listen Online on the CSPS Internet Radio Click below on this week’s Sentinel Watch, Testimony […]

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Bellaire

Podcast: Results worth fighting for by Susanne van Eyl One of our local students of Christian Science shares her thoughts about spiritualizing our thoughts about conflict, both in a local and global context. See more here: