The Lord’s Prayer, by Fujiko Signs

The recent Hurricane has brought change to Houston and the surrounding area. Ways in which we can improve our city are coming forward. Many are seeking comfort, hope, strength, and healing as we deal with the aftermath of Harvey.

As our gift of love and outreach to fellow Houstonians and those in the Gulf Coast area, as well as Florida, Seventh Church of Christ Scientist, Houston invites you to join us for a talk on THE LORD’S PRAYER given by Fujiko Signs.

Nothing can be more inspiring and healing than an illumined understanding of the universal power of the timely, yet timeless “Lord’s Prayer” that Christ Jesus gave us, to meet and heal any and all needs for yourself, your family, your neighbors, and your community.

Let’s pull together hand-in-hand in brotherly love, one to another.

Click HERE to listen to this talk