Hurricane Harvey: Church Notifications and Assistance


Ninth Church of Christ, Scientist Houston (Spring)

  • Our church had flood damage from the storm.
  • Our building is currently under construction, but Sunday Services are being held inside our church.  We have walls, lights, water, A/C, and heat!
  • Wednesday Services are being held online through our call-in telephone service.  Click here for details.
  • If anyone would like to make a donation to our church, they can be mailed to: Ninth Church of Christ, Scientist Attn. Clerk/Treasurer – 24227 Rain Creek Drive, Tomball , TX 77375

First Church of Christ, Scientist Victoria

  • The Victoria Church got about one foot of water in the sanctuary.  Our amazing congregation has made a lot of progress cleaning up.   Please continue supporting us and the entire Houston area metaphysically.  There have been some wonderful healings in the past week.
  •  If anyone would like to make a donation to our church, they can be mailed to:  First Church of Christ, Scientist Attn. Clerk/Treasurer  –  302 W. Stayton St. Victoria, TX  77901-6456

  “Rock. Spiritual Foundation; Truth.”  “…and upon this rock I will build my church” (Matt 16:18).



The Mother Church:

The Mother Church has set up a fund to assist churches and societies deal with damages associated with the hurricane. Calls to The Mother Church should go to Suzanne Reidel (Clerk) @ 617.450.3425 (o) or 720.236.8597 (c).

Keith Womack, the COP of Texas can be contacted at if any further information is needed.

The Principal Foundation:


The Principle Foundation has set up a fund to provide individual assistance to church members suffering losses as a result of the storm, e.g., flooded car, insufficient insurance to cover damage to one’s home, etc. The contact at the Foundation is Brian Stock@ 816.561.5955 or toll free @ 800.826.7756. The Foundation is located in Kansas City.

Gratitude has been outpouring.  We are getting calls about as fast as we can take them here today.  Fellow Christian Scientists are generously donating to help out.  Every few minutes it seems like another donation comes in.


To better respond to donation requests, we have set up a specific page on our website for Hurricane Harvey disaster relief:


Recognizing the impact on Christian Science families with school and college-age childrenresiding in areas affected by Hurricane Harvey, Principia is offering tuition-free enrollment for the 2017–2018 academic year for families who may be displaced or are in areas where schools and colleges may not be operational.  Learn More




Dear CedarS and Christian Science friends in Houston,

You are in our prayers and “you are greatly beloved” as this week’s Golden Text promises!

Below are two ways that feet are being added to our prayers and that our love is being made visible.

(1) While our 55 heated housing units are full for back-to-back-to-back events, we do have available several comfortable cabins with bathrooms (as well as our heated Jr. Leadership facilities after Sept. 17) to house friends from areas affected by Harvey.

(2) CedarS could serve somewhat as a staging area as well for those taking students to Principia (See their offer also)

And, those who are here could “sing for their suppers” so-to-speak by helping us get ready for and serve our scheduled retreat events. If this would meet a need and be a blessing, please email me at or text or call me at 314-378-2574. When I know the need I will better know what kind of funding to ask for from our many wonderful supporters who are eager to be of practical help to and bless our own family members first.