Are You Entering 8th Grade or Know Someone Who Is? Apply now for DiscoveryBound’s National Leadership Council




Discovery Bound is a recreational – Leadership – Service Program for Christian Science kids, teens, adults and families.   Click HERE for more general information on DiscoveryBound.

DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council (NLC):

Learn to practice leadership skills, develop a service approach to life and grow spiritually alongside your best friends. The 4-Year program that includes summer experiences, regular class engagement and curriculum anchored in models that the Bible and Christian Science provide.  Students gain desire, confidence, and skills for inspired leadership.

Apply in the 8th Grade for the program beginning in 9th grade.  

Applications are due October 10.  Apply now!  Financial  Assistance  is available.


Receive support from a local Christian Science Mentor

Attend annual All Class retreat ( February)

Summer experiences

  • Orientation summer at camp – A/U
  • Adventure expedition
  • International service trip
  • Internship within the Christian Science community

Participate in the Congressional Award

Write for the Christian Science Publishing Society

Do a Capstone project

Read the Christian Science Monitor and explore praying for the world

Click HERE for more information on the National Leadership Council