Outreach to Prisons

Christian Science Committee for Institutional Work in Texas


He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Ps. 23


The function of this Committee is to bring the healing message of Christian Science to individuals confined in public or private institutions or facilities, and who are therefore unable to avail themselves of the activities of Christian Science churches and societies, their services, and their Reading Rooms.


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The work of the Texas Institutional Committee consists of:

  1. Providing information on Christian Science in one-to-one contacts.
  2. Holding Christian Science services.
  3. Providing Christian Science treatment for individuals who request it.
  4. Furnishing Christian Science books and literature, including the Bible.
  5. Arranging Christian Science lectures.

Information and support this Committee  provides

The Executive Secretary answers letters from inmates, manages the subscriptions to the Christian Science MonitorChristian Science Sentinel,  and myBibleLesson mailings, and provides training for pen pals/mentor volunteers.  The office is also available to help coordinate requested visits and books.

The Committee is in contact with individuals in 95 facilities throughout the state encompassing federal, state, and county jurisdictions!

  • There are three federal facilities, one female and two male.
  • Four county jail facilities Dallas, Harris, El Paso, and Bexar counties have church services and/or chaplain visits.
  • 3 Nursing Homes
  • 1 Juvenile Center
  • 1 Drug Treatment Center
  • 1 Wounded Warrior Facility
  • There are currently 76 male and 12 female state facilities with inmates receiving the weekly Bible Lesson.
    • The Coffield Unit in Tennessee Colony has 77 recipients.
    • The Michael Unit in Tennessee Colony has 35 recipients.
    • Clements Unit in the Amarillo area has 18 recipients.
    • Allred Unit in the Wichita Falls area has 12 recipients.
    • The Gatesville area – Crain 12, Mt. View 5, Murray 5, Hughes 7 recipients.
    • The Waco area female facilities – Marlin 11 and Hobby 7 recipients. .
    • The Huntsville area facilities – Ellis 6, Estelle 12, Estes 5, Walls 9 recipients.

How can you get involved?


You must have taken the two-week Christian Science class instruction course from a certified Christian Science Teacher.

What is needed?

  1. Volunteer Mentors: 
    A Mentor writes letters to an assigned inmate.  These correspondences are to help and support the inmate in their study of Christian Science.
  2. Volunteer Chaplains: 
    A volunteer Chaplain may conduct Christian Science Services in the institution, assist another Chaplain in conducting these services, or visit inmates one on one.

For More information contact:

A local Christian Science Church’s Institutional Committee Chairman
Elizabeth Arnett
Executive Secretary Christian Science Committee for Institutional Work in Texas
P.O. Box 1381
Roanoke, TX 76262



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“May the great Shepherd that “tempers the wind to the shorn lamb,” and binds up the wounds of bleeding hearts, just comfort, encourage, and bless all who mourn. Father, we thank Thee that Thy light and Thy love reach earth, open the prison to them that are bound, console the innocent, and throw wide the gates of heaven.”

Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellaneous Writings, p. 275